Wax Seal Gift Set


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Introducing the Spellbinders Paper Arts Wax Seal Gift Set. Elevate you and your loved ones crafting and gifting experience with our carefully curated Wax Seal Gift Set, featuring a stunning selection of premium sealing essentials. Whether you're sending invitations, creating personalized gifts, or simply adding a touch of sophistication to your projects, this gift set is your key to unlocking a world of creativity. Now's the season to gift you or your loved one the ultimate Wax Sealing Gift - just £94.99!

Wax Seal Gift Set Includes:

  • Wax Seal Starter Kit (WS-001) - Your journey into the art of wax sealing begins here. Crafted with precision and care, this starter kit is your gateway to a world of beautiful wax seals.
  • Wildflower Happy Birthday Wax Seal Stamp (WS-015) - Celebrate special moments with elegance. This unique wax seal stamp from the Sealed by Spellbinders Collection adds a touch of charm to birthday wishes.
  • Thanks Mandala Wax Seal Stamp (WS-006) - Express gratitude with grace and style. This exquisite Mandala wax seal stamp is perfect for adding a touch of appreciation to any project.
  • Premium Gold Metallic Marker (250-S #GLD) - Add a touch of opulence and finesse with this premium gold metallic marker. Ideal for embellishing your wax seals with shimmering accents.
  • Sealed Wax Seal Adhesive Circles (WS-075) Enjoy the convenience of adhesive circles for wax seals, making sealing a breeze.
  • Silver Wax Beads (WS-031) - Create stunning silver wax seals with these high-quality beads. Each seal is a work of art, exuding timeless elegance.
  • White Wax Beads (WS-032) - Enhance your creative projects with pristine white wax beads. These beads offer a touch of purity and refinement to your seals.
  • Satin Turquoise Ribbon (3301.2516.43) - Our luxurious turquoise satin ribbon adds a vibrant pop of color and a dash of sophistication to your crafting projects.
  • Gold Metallic Cord (1992.5003.51) - Elevate your packaging and gifting with this elegant gold metallic cord, perfect for adding the finishing touch to your wax-sealed creations. 

Valued at £127.99, but you won't believe the deal – snag this gift set for just £97.19Seal your memories with the beauty of tradition – order your Wax Seal Gift Set today and embrace the timeless art of wax sealing. Hurry, quantities are limited!