How do I redeem my Creative Rewards?
There are two ways to redeem your Creative Rewards. You can use the drop down at checkout to automatically apply them for you. OR you can redeem them on the "Rewards" page. Just copy and paste the code at checkout. Redemptions will be reflected as a "Gift Card" at checkout.
I already redeemed points for a coupon prior to 8/17/23, will I lose the coupon?
If you have not already used the coupon on an order, then it will still be valid for use. If you have already used it, then it is redeemed, and therefore consumed.
It is not showing all my past point earned options. Where did they go?
All your points for past earns and orders are already included in your balance. But since we are resetting the program you now have the opportunity to earn several (one time only) earning options once again. You will not be able to view the detailed history prior to 8/18/23.
Will past purchases be eligible to be applied to the program tiers qualifier?
No, you will BEGIN earning towards the program tiers after 8/17/2023. Prior purchases WILL NOT be eligible.
Once I hit a tier, how long will I stay in that tier?
The tiers are activated with a rolling 12 months that begins upon entry of each tier. If you HAVE NOT maintained the minimum threshold after 12 months upon entering the tier, then you will move down to the appropriate level.
When will my Creative Rewards and Reward Codes Expire?
All unused Creative Rewards and Reward Codes will expire after 6 months.


I have a US store account. Can I use those points?

Yes, but only for a limited time. As a courtesy, we imported all customers that had UK and European addresses point balances as of 7/1/22. Moving forward you will NOT be able to transfer or combine points between the two programs. You will ONLY be able to use the US points in the US store and the UK points in the UK store.

How do I earn points?
To earn Creative Rewards, you first need to have an account on our store. Please sign up for an account. Once you have an account you can then earn Rewards by placing orders and completing any of the actions in our earning section for bonus points.

I just purchased, when will I receive my points?
Points will be applied for purchases when an order ships.

How do I spend my points?
You can spend your points on any order you place through our store. You just need to exchange your points for a coupon code to use at time of checkout. Please make sure you’re logged in! Click the “Creative Rewards” page in the lower left corner Click “Spend Points” Select your desired coupon amount and click “Redeem” Your coupon code will be revealed immediately & via email to redeem Your coupon code will stay visible.

What can I apply Creative Rewards towards?
You can redeem your Rewards for a coupon savings towards purchases in the Spellbinders Store only. (However, you will earn points on ALL purchases in the store AND on the club platform.)

How many times can I share on Social Media?
You can share on social media our products or pages as many times as you would like. However we can only offer rewards for the first time you share on Facebook & Twitter for each Spellbinders.

How can I get points when I review a product?
You will only receive points on products that were purchased through the Spellbinders online store and by following the email link that was sent following the purchase. Points will only be applied for ONE review per invite email. The email will send out around 20 days following the purchase. You are only eligible to receive points once per month.


The UK Creative Rewards Program (the “Program”) is a loyalty reward program offered by Spellbinders (the “Company”, “us”, “our” or “we”) to certain customers of the Company. The Program is accessible through and any other related sites and applications referred to on the Program Website including without limitation. 

The Program allows persons who have completed the membership enrollment steps (each, a “Program Member” or “Member”) in accordance with the present Terms and Conditions to collect points when making purchases on items identified from time to time by the Company (“Eligible Purchases”), and to redeem these points for rewards, benefits and/or rebates offered by the Company from time to time.

Members acquire no vested right or entitlement to the continued availability of any particular reward, benefit or redemption level. Points must be redeemed within 6 months or they will expire. Once points have expired they may NOT be re-added to the account.


The terms and conditions set forth herein (the “Terms & Conditions”, and together with any terms set forth on the Program Website and any other terms accessible through any of the foregoing, collectively the “Program Terms”) govern the Program. The Company in its sole discretion can, restrict, suspend, amend, extend or otherwise alter the Program Terms at any time and without prior notice. If the Program Terms have been updated, the Company will post the new Program Terms on the Program Website and note the date that they were last updated, and no change will be effective until such change has been posted for at least ten (10) days. We encourage Members to review the Program Terms each time they use the Program.

If we feel there is any kind of abuse, orders will be cancelled and refunded. Abuse can also lead to becoming banned from purchasing from our website in the future. Abuse can include false reviews, self referral, and more.


By using or enrolling in the Program, you accept and agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions. 


Redeem your points for either £5, £10, £15, £20, or £25 savings off your next order. Once you redeem your requested point denomination, a coupon code will be emailed to the email address associated with the account. Must use provided coupon code at time of purchase. (We recommend copy and pasting the code to avoid errors.) If code is not used at time of purchase then order will be ineligible for discounted rate. Offer good only on products purchased at, is one time use; individual consumer use only; and not for distribution. Value of the order must be at least £10. Excludes tax & shipping; not valid on any previous web, phone or retail purchases; cannot be redeemed for cash; cannot be combined with any other offer; void where prohibited.