Totally Tiffany

Totally Tiffany - Storage and Supply Case - 8 Drawers


£20.99 £20.99

Totally Tiffany presents the Storage and Supply Case with Eight drawers, a versatile solution perfect for labeling and vertical storage to create a well-organized library of supplies. Accompanying accessories such as the 8x5.5 Tabbed Pockets and 8x5 Magnet Sheets enhance its functionality.

The Totally Tiffany Storage and Supply Case - 8 Drawers is designed to accommodate various crafting essentials, from dies and stamps to paints, brushes, foil, and foil quill tools. The crystal-clear cases not only provide visibility to stored items but are also portable for convenience.

The Storage and Supply Cases can be stored vertically in either landscape or portrait orientation, allowing flexibility in arrangement. They are Lois Tote-compatible, with up to six cases fitting into a Lois tote, offering a practical and portable storage solution.

Ideal for papercrafts, multimedia items, sewing, stamping, and more, the Storage and Supply Cases are also available in 2 Drawer, 4 Drawer, and 6 Drawer configurations, with the drawers being interchangeable between all three setups.

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