House-Mouse Spring Has Sprung Collector Bundle


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House-Mouse Collector Bundle is the full Spring has Sprung Collection by House-Mouse Designs. If you can’t decide, this bundle is for you! Get all the sets in this collection and create away. It includes RSC-023 Flower Shower, RSC-024 Birthday Wishes, RSC-025 Flower Market, and RSC-026 Breezy Day. Designed to be used with an acrylic block.

This adorable series of the House-Mouse Designs® is created and copyrighted by the talented Ellen Jareckie. A wonderful collaboration with Spellbinders, we are excited to share the Spring has Sprung Collection with you!

Approximate Size:

RSC-023 Flower Shower:
Flower Shower: 3.95 x 3.02 in./10.20 x 7.90 cm
Showering You with Love: 2.87 x 0.34 in./7.30 x 0.90 cm
Happy Spring!: 1.78 x 0.27 in./4.50 x 0.70 cm
Enjoy the Little Things…: 2.39 x 0.28 in./6.10 x 0.70 cm

RSC-024 Birthday Wishes:
Birthday Wishes: 4.21 x 3.11 in./10.70 x 7.90 cm
Make a Wish: 1.55 x 0.23 in./3.90 x 0.60 cm
We're not counting candles!: 2.84 x 0.30 in./7.20 x 0.80 cm
Birthday calories don't count…: 1.61 x 0.41 in./4.10 x 1.00 cm
Delivery Birthday Wishes!: 2.46 x 0.27 in./6.20 x 0.70 cm

RSC-025 Flower Market:
Flower Market: 4.03 x 2.86 in./10.20 x 7.30 cm
Hope this Brightens Your Day: 3.24 x 0.29 in./8.20 x 0.70 cm
Just Because: 1.19 x 0.20 in./3.00 x 0.50 cm

RSC-026 Breezy Day:
Breezy Day: 4.01 x 2.94 in./10.20 x 7.50 cm
Let's Hang On: 1.51 x 0.29 in./3.80 x 0.70 cm
Hold on Tight…I’m Here for You: 1.63 x 0.42 in./4.10 x 1.10 cm
Breezing by to say hi: 2.06 x 0.24 in./5.20 x 0.60 cm