Craft Stax Medium Tray Set


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Craft Stax – Medium Tray Set This set includes eight stackable frosted plastic trays that combine to create four medium sized storage boxes. These versatile trays can be used in multiple ways: combine a slim tray with a standard tray to create a storage box, use each tray separately, or stack them all together for a space-saving storage solution.

Craft Stax are the perfect way to organize your die-cut shapes, embellishments, work-in-progress projects and more. Designed with die cutting in mind, these slim trays are ideal for holding tiny die templates or cut pieces to keep all your projects both handy and safe, as well as portable. Use them separately or all together - Craft Stax gives you the versatility to sort and store your projects your way!

Approximate Size:
Medium Slim Tray (4 pcs): 4.80 x 6.61 x 0.35 in./122 x 168 x 9 mm
Medium Standard Tray (4 pcs): 4.80 x 6.61 x 0.74 in./122 x 168 x 19 mm