Beautiful Wreaths Bundle by Suzanne Hue


£67.00 £133.99

Beautiful Wreaths Bundle is part of the Beautiful Wreaths Collection by Suzanne Hsu. The bundle includes all the sets in the collection. For wreath fans, this is the perfect grouping to make wreaths all year long! It has S5-595 Build-A-Wreath Etched Dies, S5-598 Garden Wreath Add-Ons Etched Dies, S5-600 Birthday Wreath Add-Ons Etched Dies, S5-601 Halloween Wreath Add-Ons Etched Dies, and S6-219 Christmas Wreath Add-Ons Etched Dies.

The sets from the Beautiful Wreaths Collection are designed to make wonderful creations around the Build-A-Wreath Die Set. Each set has a theme to change the wreath design. It is a perfect offering for wreath-making creators. Welcome Suzanne Hue to her debut collaboration with Spellbinders!