Arched Messages Registration Press Plate & Die Set from the Cheers to You Collection


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Arched Messages Registration Press Plates are part of the Cheers To You Collection. The set of eight press plates and one mylar printed registration template together makes a fun and unique rainbow design. There are three different vertical phrases that fit in the center of the design.

Registration Press Plate sets make creating multi-color letterpress designs simple and foolproof! Simply follow the multi-colored mylar template to layer beautiful colors onto your BetterPress paper for a stunning effect. This clever innovation enhances your letterpress abilities to the next level.

Download the Registration Template HERE.

Use Multiple Colors with the BetterPress Registration Template:
Tape Registration Template to Magnetic Insert on Chase.
Line up Coordinating Plate(s) to Registration Template.
Ink Plate(s) and Run Chase Through the Die-Cutting Machine. One Color = One Layer.
Remove Plate(s) from Registration Template. Place Next Set of Plate(s), according to the Color Template.
Repeat Steps until Design is Complete.

Approximate Size:
Arch 1: 3.60 x 5.20 in./9.00 x 13.20 cm
Arch 2: 2.90 x 4.90 in./7.40 x 12.40 cm
Arch 3: 2.25 x 4.55 in./5.70 x 11.50 cm
Arch 4: 1.60 x 4.20 in./4.00 x 10.70 cm
Arch 5: 0.95 x 3.90 in./2.30 x 9.80 cm
Hello Sunshine: 0.20 x 2.95 in./0.40 x 7.50 cm
Make a Wish: 0.20 x 2.25 in./0.50 x 5.70 cm
A Gift from Me to You: 0.20 x 2.70 in./0.50 x 6.80 cm