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Totally Tiffany - 12" x 12" Divider Pockets & Labels - 5pk


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12" x 12"  Divider Pockets & Labels - 5pk from Totally Tiffany offers a popular organizational solution in the form of 12×12 pockets, a widely favored size in the realm of paper crafting, particularly in scrapbooking. Crafted with a slight enlargement to 12.5″ x 12.5″, these pockets facilitate easy insertion and retrieval of items.

The plastic pockets provided by Totally Tiffany not only offer ease of cleaning but also allow for seamless insertion and removal of even intricate stencils by placing a piece of cardstock between each.

Addressing the peculiarities of specialty papers, which range from shedding glitter to delicate vellum and easily damaged die-cut papers, the recommendation is to utilize tabbed divider pockets. This not only streamlines organization but also affords protection to these unique papers.

For those who categorize their papers by color, theme, or holiday, the suggestion is to employ tabbed divider pockets for both separating and labeling sections, while also serving as a repository for scraps associated with each color, theme, or holiday.

These pockets are designed to work within the Totally Tiffany products. 

Approximate Size:

  • 12.5" x 12.5"